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I got some Facebook messages and Tweets regarding the earning potential of PTC sites.So I need to clarify something to you.That is if you are trying to make a living out of the PTC sites, you have to make an investment first ( Ideally $10-$50 ) so you can get Rented Referrals. I will give a comprehensive guide regarding rented referrals as soon as I can, that will match almost any PTC site.

If you are going the organic growth approach, which is investing the earned money from the site, it will be a long trip.So you need patience in this game.

Today I am going to present you BuxVertise.It is a new site but it shows huge potential to grow.It was launched on April 19, 2014 by Drew and Jesse (the owner of Trafficreturn and SimplyPTP).


BuxVertise uses two payment gateways – Paypal and Payza. And the minimum cashout is $5 and you can cashout immediately!! And the website is error free,user friendly.It will be fun to visit the site.

I only recommend trusted websites to you.So trust me, this is a legit site.The rented referrals are also fairly cheap costing $0.15 per referral for 200 referrals.And the click average is GOOD !!!. (My general average is around 4.12!!! )


If you are a beginner who is not investing, you will take 2 weeks to buy your 5 rented referrals.But I guarantee you it is straight uphill from that point onward. Furtheremore it has more earning options which will come in handy if you need to grow faster.My favorite one is Wheel of Bux which may give you $5 on the spot!.And you can try it out once every 24 hours.

My most recent winning is this :D. So Spin the Wheel of Bux!!



I hope that now you realize that Buxvertise is a real investment worth a look.So if you are interested, Join Buxvertise today.

Join Buxvertise now!!!

The beginning will be slow.but I assure you once again that this is a promising site and please give it 10 minutes a day which will be providing a living for you.

Please do not hesitate to ask questions.I will always help you. I will post more guides on Rented Referrals as well as Payment Gateways soon so you guys can optimize your PTC experience.Keep in touch.See you soon 🙂

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