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Today I am going to tell you about Neteller. As I got some messages to my Facebook regarding previous posts, they have concerns about how to receive money they earn – in cash. Since there are a lot of ways to do so I will introduce them one by one.

I will start with my personal favorite method of internet transactions. It is Neteller. I am using it since 2012 and it has been my favorite ever since. Neteller was founded in 1991 and it is a secure website as well as a well respected payment gateway.

Neteller is so popular since it supports many online sites which people work and earn money such as Elance , Odesk and so on. So you can receive payments from those websites straight to your Neteller account.

Furthermore, you can link Neteller account with your Paypal account which effectively enables transactions between the account.You can use Neteller card to even verify your PayPal account if the required funds are available in the Neteller card. ($ 3 when I did it !)

The fees for various transactions are also very reasonable.You can view those by clicking this link. Netteller Fees

It comes with an awesome MasterCard which can be used in many Online transactions,Supermarket transactions,withdraw money from ATM.Further it sounds cool to have a MasterCard right?

I hope you have a good idea about Netteller now. But please be advised that only one account per household may be created.And the registration purpose should be precisely handled.Do not try it just for fun since Neteller admins will block you from creating another account.So please be serious if you want to create an account.

Please read the entire post before you do the sign-up process.If you like to create an account, please click the following link. Neteller.

Afterwards you will see two-step signup process as follows which is very easy.Please use your actual details since when you want to receive your MasterCard, it will be shipped to the address you give in the sign-up process.




Afterwards, you will be asked to select three security questions and answers for them.Please remember the questions and answers well or save it somewhere safe.You will receive a confirmation email to your given email and please verify it as well.

You will receive a Accounts ID as well as a Secure ID for the account.Please save them as well as they will be needed too to operate with youe account.

Congratulations !!! You have successfully created a Neteller account. To start transactions you have to verify the account which will need you some basic things. I will explain it in my next post which will be published soon. See you soon then.Happy earnings.

Keep in touch 🙂

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