Ojooo – The Ultimate Guide to Earn $250 Per Month

Hi all 🙂

From this post onward, we really step into the online earning methods.And I am going to recommend you the first PTC site I worked in from now I earn more than $250 a month.

It is none other than Ojooo. To go to the site and register, please click the banner below or click here.

I recommend you to start with a brand new email for Ojooo.  You will have to confirm the details and present the details each time you log-in so please save those details as an image or text.

This will be the registration form and I have provided the guidance on how to do it 🙂


Ojooo is just behind Neobux which is considered as the King of PTC in terms of trustworthiness, payment and growth potential which is amazing.It is a substantial acheivement for a site which is only one and a half years old !!

After the registation, you just have to click the advertisements.You can find the advertisements in the “Paid to click ads ” in the purple tab menu.(As you can see in the image below )Click those ads and finish the captcha to rechive your payments.Simple as that !!!.

To see what you have earned,click “Your Account” in the purple tab and see it yourself. Continually click those ads and earn money.


But it is not the best part. You can rent refferals for you for just tiny $0.2.Afterwards they will earn for you for 30 days and you will have to extend their period.But trust me, they usually give back net 250% of the investment.So, 100 referrals alone would give 100*2.5*0.2 = $50 monthly.

That is cool right ? You can continue to rent more and more so you would earn more money.And you can upgrade your account as you go on which will double your earning potential ! . You can cash out your earnings to Paypal,Payza or Okpay increasing the flexibility.

From my next post I will teach you how to get referrals and manage them to earn profits.Keep in touch people 🙂

I will continually inform you about the developments of Ojooo.For now please register and earn money.Usually people who join early get more benefits.So do not hesitate.

Register and earn !!! 

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